Cozy Mystery

Coming Soon – Boyne City Bumpkins series

This series I’ve had in mind for many years. Set in my hometown of Boyne City, the books will be about Jodie Fisher, single mom of an autistic son, doer of any job, garden club member, and wannabe fortune teller. At least, none of her fortunes have come true so far, least of all her own.

After a divorce that has left her with sole custody of their son, four-year-old Jason, Jodie has moved back into her mom’s house where she grew up in Boyne City. The last place she wants to be, but she’s smart enough to know she can’t do Jason on her own with his special needs.

With a degree in linguistics, there are limited opportunities in the small community so Jodie picks up work wherever she can get it, although her favorite is to offer palm and tarot card readings at the local farmer’s market. And somehow gets herself mixed up with all the unsavories of Boyne City in the process.

Luckily, she calls on her “mature” friends in the garden club to help solve the mysteries as they pop up around Jodie, almost as if she creates the trouble herself.