Cori de Maag


An Outback Love Story

There is something magical, something unique, that draws a person to the outback of Australia. The extraordinary environment is like no other on the planet and makes its way onto the bucket lists of so many adventurers. For Maggie Keating, it’s no different, except Australia, for her, will be her chance to figure out who she is and what she wants in life. A degree in literature and job experience at a local factory does not equal a foot in the right direction. Maggie chooses a “gap” year to go out into the wider world to see, to learn, and to challenge herself. What she never expected was to fall in love.

Gray Stewart, the second son and proprietor of The Gemfields, is finished with visiting backpackers recruited to work on the property. A struggling cattle station doesn’t need any more loafers to “help” when it equals more work for him to have them there. But then Maggie arrives and proves Gray wrong in so many ways. And what he never expected was for a woman to so quickly seize his heart.

Watershed is about two very different people from opposite ends of the world who find their stride together amongst the gum trees and billabongs of the rural outback.


In this beautiful yet cruel life…where do I belong or who do I belong with? It’s difficult enough for anyone to find a sense of inclusion, let alone me, a person with special needs and of mixed race. I have struggled my whole life to be accepted for who I am and what I believe. I’m an AI specialist. I’m a rock climber. A piano player. A son…a brother. An Aspie. I want to live and love like everyone else, but I can’t. Yet, I still want to belong.


Amund is a larling berserker, still in training to become a fierce fighting machine. That’s his job as a chosen one by the AllFather himself, Oden. He is of the Hamrammr Clan, and one of seven trainees who dedicate themselves to physical and mental There are only two rules set by his elders: Don’t let anyone know you are a berserker shifter and no women. But those rules will be broken.
Protector is an adventure story and romance between Amund and Dagna, a willful young woman with a pet owl.

Amund the Protector