About Cd Brennan

Cd Brennan was born and raised in Michigan. She had barely finished her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at Western Michigan University before her need for adventure compelled her onward. A short stint in Alaska, a couple years in Oregon, and road and train trips across the US and Canada were still not enough.

She set off backpacking around the world on her own: all over Australia, Europe and Africa. On that trip, one place still drew her back for its Haggis, monros, and men in kilts – Scotland, where she returned to get her Masters of Philosophy (MPHIL) in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling.

From there, it was Ireland where she lived for seven years and then onto Australia for another five years before she returned “home” to Michigan. 

Cd Brennan has worked as a journalist, technical writer, desktop publisher, tender writer, business writer, editor and mentor, in quality assurance, project management, and business development, but she enjoys most her job as a book writer.

She loves writing, reading, K-drama, piano, hiking, skiing, horseback riding and, by far, spending time with her boys. You’ll find her often working around their small farm, but where you won’t find her often is in the kitchen. 🙂