A Coupla Things

March 19th, 2013

A Coupla Things going on today

I can’t believe the snow we are getting right now in Northern Michigan! What the??? As many know, this is my first winter back in Michigan since we moved from Australia last summer. I was very much hoping for a nice easy winter to transition into, but mother nature had other plans. Unlike Queensland, where we used to live, the weather was pretty much the same every day. Now, I check the weather channel or website at least twice a day! I’m obsessed with the weather now. And I wonder…why? I do have two young boys, so knowing if I can take them out in the tundra is one reason. The other is that I am simply looking for good news. Which I have to stop doing, really, or I’ll drive myself insane. I see that many parts of the US and even over in Ireland and the UK are having same crappy weather, so I feel for ya. First day of Spring is tomorrow, but it feels like a world away. So, let’s brighten things up a bit…

Happy Birthday

First, I want to wish my big sister a very Happy Birthday! She now lives in Brazil, near Salvadore. She is loving living over there at the moment. I swear when I talk to her, her life sounds like one big Carnivale! Good on ya, KC, you deserve it! Hope you have a great birthday! xoxo

Author Spotlight

I’m visiting over at one my favorite Lyrical sister’s websites today. The lovely Mae Clair is spotlighting Watershed for me and has been too nice in her introduction. She is a much better writer than I, so am honored by her words. Stop by, have a cuppa, it’s too cold and snowy to venture outside.

Subscription not working

For any of you that have tried to input your email to get a subscription for the blog, I am so very sorry, as I know it isn’t working. I have a friend trying to help me at the moment, as I am useless about these RSS feeds and all this stuff. I didn’t realize being an author, I should have minored in Graphic Design and Computer Programming. Ugh!

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