Writing With Wee Ones

March 27th, 2013

Writing With Wee Ones

This may be a fast post, for the exact reason that I am writing about. I have two young boys, one in preschool and one at home with me, not yet a year and a half. I try to juggle writing and editing with their care, which is priority. And let me tell you, my 17-month old gets into everything! He is not yet old enough to watch cartoons at a stretch and will play for short periods on his own, but much of my day is keeping him entertained and away from grabables. Even when I do the dishes, he empties the pots and pans cupboard. He is constantly on the go!
But then I hear about all these other mums writing and taking care of their young families. A big shout out to them for we are all in the same situation. We very much want to do something for ourselves, follow our dreams to become an author, make it in the publishing arena. Yet, we also want to be good mums. I don’t want to let me kids watch cartoons all day so I can write. That wouldn’t happen. So what I do, and what most other mum-writers most likely do, is squeeze writing into any crevice of time you can find – naps, when the hubby is home an hour before dinner, and then most often after they are tucked away to bed at night. After books are read, bottles are fed, tummies are rubbed, you can finally turn your attention to a much needed plot or characterization. 
I never watch the telly, wouldn’t have a clue what is happening in the newspapers. I’d like to be more up on current events, but something has to give when so little time is available in the day for yourself. It’s not ideal to write like this, peeking in and out of a book. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to get back into the rhythm of the storytelling again, and by the time I get 500 words done, I’m so buggered that I can’t keep my eyes open.
So today is the day I want to applaud my fellow mum-writers, let’s keep going. In the midst of snacks, tantrums, and poo changes, we are still able to design and execute a story worth telling. Admirable in its own right.
(okay, gotta go, wee man is on my lap again)
Have a great day!

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