Sundae With Nuts #1

April 14th, 2013

Sundae With Nuts #1

I finally decided on my Sunday blog title. My query on Facebook didn’t work at all – not getting ONE response on the options I gave out to everyone. The names must have been pretty bad! So I picked an entirely new one on my own. It doesn’t sound very romantic, and as a writer of the romance genre some may question why I chose SUNDAE WITH NUTS. Other than the fun play on words (as writer’s do), it has more meaning than that. My parents have owned and run an ice cream shop for 36 years now. I grew up scooping ice cream, cutting up candy and stocking shelves. I stopped working for them 20 years ago, but that wee ice cream shop still stays dear to my heart, and a hot-fudge sundae with nuts is my favorite. No whip cream, no cherry, just vanilla, fudge and chopped nuts.

For my very first installment of SUNDAE WITH NUTS, I am proud to be a part of Sara Walter Ellwood’s (a fellow Lyrical sister) Sneak Peek Sunday, a six-paragraph snippet from either a published book or a WIP. I love this concept, and by the look of her blog there is almost 50 of us signed up! As always, I’d love for you to comment, but since I have such issues with spam, your comment will go through moderation before it appears. But please feel free to say anything ya like!

Since I have already given followers on this blog the first chapter of WATERSHED (see blog history), I have chosen for Sneak Peek Sunday six paragraphs from “the morning after”, when Gray and Maggie still resonate from the passion that has built between them. I hope you enjoy.
xo Cd Brennan

For Sneak Peek Sunday

Maggie melted. Tucking her head into the nook of his neck, she caressed his skin with soft kisses, humming her contentment. Her comfort ran so deep she could have slept on his shoulder, even with the rain forming rivulets down her face. Safe and complete, she rested there only briefly before Gray shifted and broke her reverie. He kissed his way down her chin to her mouth, tugging at her lips.
The energy shifted, their warm embrace turning heated. No matter how hard she pressed into him, it wasn’t enough.
She aligned her legs against his, her hips, belly and breasts, wrapping her arms snug around his waist to absorb as much of him as she could. In return she tried to express what was in her heart to him through her touches, summoning everything inside to the surface. Words would fail her. Never having experienced anything like this, Maggie couldn’t even conceptualize what was happening to her, let alone communicate it to Gray in words.
Dizzy, she stepped away, breathing hard. Gray was the same, panting, water streaming into his open mouth.
“Oh God.” The words were barely a whisper.
Gray gently cupped her neck. She could feel the thudding of his heart. He gently kissed her forehead. “Will you stay here with me?”

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