Sundae with Nuts #2

April 21st, 2013

Sundae with Nuts #2

As usual I am late getting my blog up. For my Antipidean friends, Sunday is almost over! I meant to get this up Saturday night so it would shine brightly for all Sundays no matter where you are in the world, but after a long day yesterday, I was buggered. But better late than never! 
Still thinking about what to write this morning, inspiration came in an email. First thing waiting in my Inbox was a “decline to review” Watershed. It was so bad that she couldn’t finish the story and passed on doing any review. Fair enough.
I hummed and hawed whether to go into it, whether to say anything at all. It’s not something you want to shout about, but then I believe strongly that this aspect of being an author is just as important, or even more so, than all the kudos, backslapping, raves and great reviews that come with a publication. 
Not that I don’t enjoy that! It’s great to hear that something you have created has touched someone, brought them enjoyment, let them escape for a few days, brought a smile or even outright laughter to their day. And isn’t that important enough? 
And to have the understanding that there isn’t one book for everyone. Watershed is a lighthearted read, simply put, it’s about falling in love. The story revels in those “first days”. It’s about the butterflies, about the wonderment and confusion, it’s about looking forward to seeing that person, just seeing them, even if it is only for a few minutes. It’s that time of your life that rarely can be repeated, all the great emotion and buzz that resonates in your gut when you know something is building, something inescapable, something that will change your life.
My initial reaction was to defend Watershed, as anyone would do. But it’s not about that. Nor is it about begrudging someone their opinion. My book is out there, and I chose it to be. I also choose to keep moving forward. I’m gonna feed off that great buzz that everyone has already given me, mix it up with some good strong criticism and become a better writer. With each book that I write, I will improve on techniques – plotting and character development, witty and fun dialogue, great description and pacing. 

But as for Sundae with Nuts…

I was talking to a colleague yesterday who said she loved the title of my blog: Sundae with Nuts. And then she asked, “who are the nuts?” Which gave me a GREAT idea. Sundae with Nuts is meant to be shared! With who? With you! I want to start a fun post for fellow authors, or for anyone really, who is brave enough to answer a few fun questions. Maybe along the lines of their favorite pair of knickers, or a bad habit that want to break. Make it real, make it funny!
Because even though I am a romance writer, I appreciate a good laugh in the day. So, watch this space and I hope to have something new and fun for next Sunday.
Have a great day!
xo Cd Brennan

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