Penny’s Submission Calls

June 6th, 2013

Permission was given to forward. Please feel free to share yourselves!

xo Cd

Penny Barber – Content & Acquisitions Editor at Lyrical Press

Penny’s Submissions Calls

It’s time once again to share my submission calls wishlist.
Entice, our exciting new line, wants submissions. Details are here:
Calling all racy page-turners with adventurous contemporary adults learning to embrace their sexuality in a modern world. Although Entice embraces works of 35-65k, I’m craving works in the 35-45k range. Characters at the high end of the age requirements are preferred.
Check out our special calls list. Details are here:
Again, I’m looking for shorter works fitting within our guidelines and, please, characters over 25. I’m fond of workplace romances, sex-leads-to-love, and friends-with-benefits stories with adventurous characters who explore new territory and bring their fantasies to life.
Our general submission guidelines are here:
I’m hankering for 20-50k Fantasy, Mystery, Steampunk, Suspense, & Paranormal Romances. Magical powers are always fun. Strong motivation, likable characters, realistic conflict, compelling worlds and a satisfying HEA are a must.
If interested, please email your manuscript and a two-page synopsis to Alternatively, you may upload your work on our Submittable page, found here: If you have something fitting Lyrical’s guidelines, but isn’t what I requested, no worries. Our acquisition team will be happy to review it via Submittable.
Thanks, all. Have a great week!

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