Sundae With Nuts – Kyra Jacobs

August 11th, 2013

Welcome to another saucy episode of SUNDAE WITH NUTS where I have asked my fellow authors to join me for the day for a bit of fun and a laugh. We are romance writers after all!

Without further ado, I am most pleased to introduce the lovely and talented (and very brave!) Kyra Jacobs!

Sundae with the Nut Kyra Jacobs

1. Favorite knickers: cotton, lace, silk or errr…leather? 
Hmm…how ‘bout a mix of cotton and lace. Fashionable, yet comfy?
2. Who is your fantasy male or female? Or both? 
Oh, I have a short running list of fantasy males. Right now, Chris Pine is near the top (did anyone else see that pic Kristan Higgins had of him on Man Wars a few weeks ago wearing specs? I’d be more than happy to give him a free copy of my book just to see that view again…)
3. What language, when heard spoken, makes you frisky? (like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish called Wanda) 
Ah, I’m a total sucker for anything spoken with a British accent. (Sean Connery is still on my list too, by the way, as is Robert Pattinson…)
4. What vehicle, abode, beach, construction site or other locale did you lose your virginity? 
Wow, I’d like to say it was on some exotic locale…but Fort Wayne’s never been described like that before.
5. Do you believe in love at first sight? 
6. If you could play a board game during sex, what would it be? 
Gee, I don’t think a board game in the middle of all that would be a good idea. I’m pretty darned competitive–it might ruin the mood. Then again…
7. Who was your first crush or kiss? 
Jason B. for both. He caught me during kissing tag in the third grade. *sigh*
8. I *heart* Peter Cetera. What song immediately swoops you back to your “first days” of falling in love? 
Ooo, PC will always have me thinking Chicago, and I love me some Chicago. Wow, these are tough! Oh, those early days… Would it be totally cheesy to say anything Richard Marx? Or Journey? Yep, dating myself a bit here. Early days for my hubby, though, would be “Somebody” by Depeche Mode.
9.Most romantic or sexiest destination out there. 
Wow, that’s a tough one. I guess it could be anywhere, so long as the kids were at a sitter’s and I had my hubby all to myself in some quiet place away from the chaos of life for a while. Oh, and it’s got to be bug-free. Nothing kills the mood faster than a rogue spider, especially if it scurries away before it can be “taken care of”.
And last but now least.
10. Favorite ice cream flavor. 
Atz’s Coffee ice cream. 
Kyra, it was a pleasure to host you today! When I first got your answers, I was groovin’ on #8 because yes, it is possible to be a fan of both Richard Marx and Depeche Mode. I can vouch for that! All developmental years that span high school. I think I started out RM & PC in 9th grade and by the time I graduated was listening to DM, the Cure, Siouxie & the Banshees, Pixies, New Order – all that alternative stuff. You are soooo right about that song “Somebody” by DM, if it wasn’t that one for me, it was “Pictures of You” by the Cure. Those were the days when your audio tapes actually started wearing down from use and the music got all warbled. Ha!

And girlfriend, I totally agree with you on #9. I recommend that Australia NOT be the romantic destination for you and your DH. Way too many venomous bloody spiders!

And another one bites the dust for a British accent, spanning Scotland to posh London. Can anyone tag me why? I mean I totally agree, but why? Now, to look up her hottie in #2, my favorite part of the blogging 🙂

Kyra’s latest release, ARMED WITH STEELE looks hot! I melt for a drool-worthy man in uniform. 🙂

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