Sundae With Nuts – Review of Playing the Game by M.Q. Barber

December 15th 2013

One of my Nuts wasn’t able to make it today. Must be the Christmas season caught up to her and it was all too much to do. Sure, I totally understand as I always overwhelm myself this time of the year, too. Because it’s so special, I don’t dare make it any less than it deserves, mostly for my young boys.

SO, that I can still offer everyone entertainment on Sundaes, I will put up a review for any Sunday lacking a Nut. I’m sure there won’t be many, or at least I hope not. So far, it’s been a hit! And there are only better things to come in 2014.

So without further ado…

Review of Playing the Game by M.Q. Barber

I was first introduced to Alice, Henry and Jay outside of Playing the Game. I read Three-Way Tie in the First Frost Anthology (Lyrical Press) that hosted the Neighborly Affection short, and was intrigued immediately. The three individuals represented so strongly to me, their lifestyle so foreign yet enticing, that I jumped at the chance to invest myself further into their story.

Playing the Game is about an intelligent and strong young woman who enters into the Dom/sub lifestyle, enamoured by the two lovely and sexy men who live across the hall in her apartment building. And with good reason. Henry and Jay are not only amazing lovers, but gentleman, of which you find too little these days. As I read the book, I kept thinking — sweet divine, I should have tried a bit more before I was married. 🙂 (And maybe still can…hmm..) If I wasn’t now, I swear, I’d jump on a chance like this in a milisecond. Like I said, Alice is a smart gal.

The story is full of sexuality and sensuality both. And there is a difference, to be sure, of which Miss M.Q. has been clever enough to weave into a brilliant mix of storytelling that is just as much about the characters as it is about the Game. So much so, that the essence of this story goes far beyond the Dom/sub relationship and delves into who we are individuals, what we truly desire, what we believe in and where we find love.

I wanted to know — who are they? What has brought them to this point? What will happen? How can this go on? Miss Barber excells in the technique of sublety, not giving too much away, yet offering glimpses that there is so much more to this story. I can’t wait for the next book of the series. I am completely dedicated at this point — to their past, their present and future – Alice, Henry and Jay, who they are and what they will be–together, or apart.

If you have never read a Dom/sub story before, please let Playing the Game be your initiate. Miss M.Q. conveys the dynamics, the passion, the trust and intensity with such honesty and warmth that it will hold your heart.

One last thing: I will never, EVER look at a pistachio the same way again. 🙂 Well done, Miss M.Q. I thoroughly enjoyed Playing the Game. 5 Cherries


Or if you would like to see M.Q.’s original interview for Sundae With Nuts, click HERE

Happy Sundae folks!

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