Sundae With Nuts – Review of The Dragon’s Heart by Eden Ashe

March 9th, 2014

As Sundae With Nuts is settling into the new year and anticipating further fun with S’more Sundae With Nuts, I’ve had some time to do some much anticipated reviews. If you can do ANYTHING at all for an author, please do a review. Even a rating! It helps them beyond words. (With your words! Like it?)

So without further ado…

Review of The Dragon’s Heart by Eden Ashe

Dragon’s have always fascinated me, ever since I started reading the fantasy genre, believe it or not, well before romance. Their power and magic, their longevity and solitude. Their wisdom and strength. Treasures. Pack that into a dragon-shifter and you have my ideal man. Or fantasy man. 🙂 Minus the scales.

The story starts with a prologue taken from the Chronicles of the Egregoroi that entices me immediately as a fantasy lover. Since The Dragon’s Heart is Book 1 of the Dragon Lore series, the story sets up a cast of characters that are interesting and engaging. Especially Daniel’s loyal team of dragons, fierce and sexy, they have stood by Daniel for millennia against another species called the Hunters.

Even though Shelby, the heroine of the story, is a movie star in Los Angeles, and someone I normally couldn’t identify with, at the time of the story she is just a regular gal like you and me, going through a whole heck of trouble. And sure, everyone can relate to that. And she loved Daniel before she even knew he was a dragon. I think I’d make myself fall in love (if I didn’t) with all the sexiness of that man if he wanted me LOL.

Shelby and Daniel’s relationship is rocky to start. There are reasons and confusions for it so understandable, but can’t give much more away here. But their chemistry is sexy and hot right off the bat. Layered with action and suspense, the story takes us from a modern hi-rise apartment to a high-tech weapons-infested dragon cave lair to a safe house and finally to the tunnels and underworld of LA, where the story climaxes with a massive battle scene between the shifters and the baddies. Swords and fire and hand-to-hand combat. Brilliant. Especially with the great twist at the end. Didn’t see that coming.

I feel almost intimate with this story. Not because I’d love a sexy dragon shifter for my very own. My gawd, would I. And not because I had an intense fascination with dragons before I even read it. No, the intimacy I found in The Dragon’s Heart stems from the heart of the book, so aptly named.

Favorite scene: When Shelby rides Daniel…. As a dragon. Their flying, sweethearts!


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Happy Sundae folks!

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