Seven Random Facts – Cd Brennan

Recently, the lovely Mae Clair honored me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She has just updated her website and it looks fantastic so pop over and check it out. Thank you Mae for thinking of me!

In accepting, I am required to
  • Link back to the person who nominated me for the award.
  • Display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo (isn’t it attractive?)
  • Reveal 7 things about myself
  • Nominate others to receive the award and continue the fun
Okay, so, seven random facts. I also host a blog Sundae With Nuts, where I host authors (and have sat in the hotseat myself) who give the followers five facts – except one “fact” is  and the blog followers had to pick the wrong one. 
1. I hold both an American and Australian passport, but have lived and traveled all over the world.
2. I used to race yachts when I lived in Dublin, Ireland. A 38 Sigma called “Joker.”
3. I have four sisters, but always wanted a brother.
4. I have two wonderful sons – Finn (6) and Keelan (2.5)
5. I always dreamed of being a helicopter pilot.
6. I am missing the tip of my right hand ring finger. Lost it by one of those evil 70s lawn chairs, snipped it right off on Mother’s Day.
7. I bought an old cob horse called Hector for 500 Irish pounds. He was a stubborn ass but he could jump anything you put in front of him.
* * * * 
So! To pass on the award, I nominate the lovely and talented:

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