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***** New Series – Night Shift Crew *****
The Deadliest Catch meets Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


Book 1 Dutch Harbor Alpha

Desperate to earn some money for his family, Captain Adam Bershov hires a motley group of shifters to crew a piece of crap trawler called the Night Shift out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. If he can get them to stop fighting amongst themselves and stop acting the immature idiots, maybe they could get some crabbin’ done. They all need the cash, all for different, but unselfish, reasons. But six greenhorn alpha males on one boat doesn’t a crew make.

Enter Amelia (Millie) Wheeler, hired to help get the crew’s act together. Unbeknownst to Adam, of course. They barely have enough money to feed the boys, let alone another addition to the crew. But Millie is desperate to stay for her own reasons. Leaving isn’t an option, so she digs in and gets the boys in line.

The growing attraction between Adam and Millie makes it easy to work together to make the Night Shift successful. But unexpected incidents of sabotage could jeopardize all they are working for, including their budding romance.

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Hey ya’ll! Myself and another author, Gemma Brocato, have joined energies, used our strengths, to write our own shifter series – Night Shift Crew. I’ve been editing shifter romance for years and had so many ideas and here is the result! I’m a huge Deadliest Catch and Alaska fan so it was a no brainer to combine them both with our beloved shifters. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Cd


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