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***** New Series – Night Shift Crew *****
The Deadliest Catch meets Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


Book 2 Dutch Harbor Kodiak

Broke and desperate, Benjamin (Ben) Shelikhov is on the verge of quitting the Night Shift Crew and leaving Dutch Harbor. He needs to earn a lot of cash in a short amount of time to help pay his sister’s mounting medical bills. And that dire need means moving away from Unalaska and the team who have become more like brothers than crew mates. But the silent, serious Kodiak shifter is the Night Shift’s only hope, and the guilt is killing him.

Cassiopeia (Cassie) Taqukaq wanders into town one day along with the Shift’s new engine equipment for the brown crab season. The Native Alaskan beauty is a shifter and a wanderer, and proud of it all, especially her brown bear. But she isn’t a stayer, doesn’t want to stick to any one person or place. For the most part, people have just let her down.

But when it comes to Ben and Cassie’s chemistry, it’s off the charts, and it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. They match in so many ways, but will either of them open up their hearts enough to stay?

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Hey ya’ll! So sorry it took so long to get this second book out. I live in Michigan where Covid-19 is hitting hard and we’ve been shelter in place since March 13th. I work from home anyhoo, but when my kids came home and then started home schooling (schools are closed for the year here), I’ve struggled to keep up with my job as an editor, my kids, their schoolwork, the dogs, the farm (from Maple Syrup to springtime duties now), plus one hubby, and my books seem to get pushed to the wayside a bit. So it’s no fault of Gemma’s. Only my own. But I promise we will be faster with the next one out, Dutch Harbor Wings. Until then, I hope you enjoy Dutch Harbor Kodiak!

xoxo Cd





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