Now in Paperback! Dutch Harbor Wings


Book 3 Dutch Harbor Wings is now available in PAPERBACK. Get it on Amazon!



***** Night Shift Crew *****


Book 3 Dutch Harbor Wings

Caleb Jensen, a deckhand on the Night Shifter, can charm the pants off of any female. He’s a crooner and a swooner and has relied on these “talents” to get what he needs out of life. So when he makes a deal, unbeknownst to his alpha captain, to take on another passenger for extra money on their next crabbin’ trip, he’s gobsmacked to find out it’s a she, not a he. Caleb and his eagle are blown away by the talented, super smart, and sexy scientist.   

Shy academic Sarah Goldsmith has been sent by her bioscience company to study the impact of global warming on the crab population in the Bering Sea, but when she lays eyes on the Night Shifter trawler, it’s the biggest piece of crud she’s ever seen. How can it even float? But there are no other options available, no other crews going out for brown crab, so if Sarah wants to keep her job and get to research her secret project, zombie crabs, she’s gonna have to take a chance on this motley crew. It doesn’t hurt that her attraction to Caleb is immediate and hotter than a summer thermal.       

Eagle shifters are rare, and for two of them to end up in the tiny Dutch Harbor can only be fate. Caleb and Sarah are as different as you can get as humans, but when their eagles come together, will they find they are meant for each other?




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