Easter Sunday

March 31st, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

Happy Easter everyone! As I posted on FB and tweeted also: For however you want to celebrate, for whoever you want to praise, whatever it means to you, I hope you have a great Easter Sunday.
With Easter brunch wrapped up and kids tucked into their Easter baskets, I’ve started to get right into it again with promotion, writing and editing. Because we haven’t opted for day-care for our youngest boy, I work around my husband’s work schedule, so I squeeze time in here and there, everywhere. In the past, Sunday was reserved as a family day, and honestly, I’d like to get back to that ritual. 


I remember from when I was younger the Sunday Drives my family would take after a big lunch that followed sunday school and church. As I kid, I loved this. It wasn’t a huge deal, but for some reason, very memorable for me. I’m hoping when my family settles into a better routine, we can pick up the Sunday Driving like I did when I was young. Sometimes my folks had a destination planned, other times, we just took off to see what the day had in it. Exploration and adventure on a very simple level, but obviously for a kid, it was more than enough.


Like Maggie in WATERSHED, Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Always has been. Most folk dislike Sundays because it means that the next day is Monday, and the start of the work week. Even though I no longer have a traditional work week, even when I did, I loved Sundays. Very few things are scheduled on a Sunday, so it’s a day where there is little pressure to do anything, no expectations and no commitments. It’s a day where we can potter about inside or outside the house. No school, a couple of movies, lots of play and lots of downtime.   


Since I now work as an author and an editor, have a young family, lots of promotion for my recently released book, I feel its all getting a bit on top of me. So I have decided that, unless there is something absolutely spectacular that happens during the week, I am going to only schedule a blog to release every Sunday. If I have a week to be inspired by something, I’m hoping it will be a something that is worth reading about. I just need a name…Super Sunday? My Sunday Best? Any ideas???? They are most welcome! Again, if you leave a comment, they will come through, but it will take a bit. Because of spam, I have to moderate everything! I need a cool comment widget that makes sure a person is not a computer and posts the comment right away. Hmmmm, I must look in this. +Rory Haddon any ideas?
Signing off with an EX-OH –Cd Brennan

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