A Huge Day for Watershed

April 3rd, 2013

April is going to a massive month for Watershed. Not only, does the PRINT copy come out today, but my Sizzling PR starts today as well!

So first things first….


Ok, it looks like I’m shouting, but that’s because I am! Yeehah! Finally, after many long months of trial and error, cover and interior design, proofs and more proofs, I am totally chuffed to announce that you can now buy Watershed in Print.

This is a very special day for me. Yes, I was beyond excitement when Watershed was released to the world as an eBook on March 4th, but there is something so magical about having your first creation sit solid on your bookshelf. So that you can pick it up and thumb the pages, smile, knowing that one of the dreams you pursued and one of the goals you set yourself, has come to fruition.

So, without further adieu, you can hold Watershed in your hands. Currently only available through Amazon, but watch this space, as it will be distributed by Lightning Source/Ingram within the next couple of weeks.

For Australia, the UK and Ireland   For the good ol’ USA

Launch of Sizzling PR Tour

Today also starts my book tour for Watershed, and also happens to coincide with Spring Break with the boys. The tassy-devils are running around the house wild as it’s too cold to go outside yet…maybe this arvo, as these boys need to run!
But while we are inside would love for you to drop by at TWO blogs today. I’m honored to be hosted by both. 
My first hop on the Blog tour is at Theresa Stillwagon’s – a special spotlight of Watershed. Spotlight!!
With Christine Warner, I talk again about Being Irish – in heart and soul. There are many of you kindred spirits out there, so pop in and say Hello. What to Read Wednesday

Giveaways in April

What a day for celebration! Where is the Champers???
For any fans out there, I’m helping to celebrate by giving away TWO Paperback copies and ONE eBook copy of Watershed.
To enter to win the Paperback, you have to be a Goodreads member in US, Canada, Australia and the UK.
To enter to win the Ebook copies, the contest will run April 24 – 26th on The Romance Reviews. This is in honor of Anzac Day. Even though we now live in Michigan, my husband reminds me almost daily that we are still Australians. Bookmark the page now!  1 Free copy of the eBook
To learn more about Anzac day and what it means to Australians and New Zealanders, click Here

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