Sundae With Nuts – Chandra Ryan

September 15th, 2013

Welcome to another saucy episode of SUNDAE WITH NUTS where I have asked my fellow authors to join me for the day for a bit of fun and a laugh. We are romance writers after all!

Without further ado, I am most pleased to introduce the lovely and talented (and very brave!) Chandra Ryan!

Sundae with the Nut Chandra Ryan

1.Favorite knickers: cotton, lace, silk or errr…leather?
Silk with a little lace.
2.Who is your fantasy male or female? Or both?
Mulder from X-Files. He was the perfect amount of geek and passion. And he’s just plain hot.
3.What language, when heard spoken, makes you frisky? (like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish called Wanda)
English 😉  It may not seem as exotic as other languages, but when you find someone who turns speaking it into an art, it can be devastating.
4.What vehicle, abode, beach, construction site or other locale did you lose your virginity.
Losing my virginity was awkward and a little painful. It’s not a great story. Can I tell you about the night I spent in a boutique hotel right off the Champs Elysees in Paris France instead?
5.Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. Unless you’re talking about shoes. Then of course I do. I fall in love with a new pair almost every day.
6.If you could play a board game during sex, what would it be?
Board game? How could you possibly play a board game blindfolded and with your hands tied? Oh…wait…
7.Any special “toys” you’d like to give mention to for their outstanding achievements?
I think whoever came up with tweezer nipple clamps should win a freaking award. 
8.I *heart* Peter Cetera. What song immediately swoops you back to your “first days” of falling in love?
Insight by Depeche Mode.
9.Most romantic or sexiest destination out there.
And last but now least.
10.Favorite ice cream flavor.
Daiquiri Ice. It tastes awesome and I’m the only one in my family who likes it so I never have to share. Cue maniacal laughter!
* * * *
A huge thanks to Chandra for joining me today – a very brave woman, indeed! Chandra, I laughed out loud to your numbers #5 and 7. All I can say is: Good answer! 🙂
Whenever I have a Nut guest, I always think they would be the kinda gal I would enjoy a cuppa tea or glass of wine with. I very much agree with you on Mulder from the X-files, a series that has rarely been outshown and I do love a bit of geek with my stud. Like I said, intellect arouses me. But my heart went out most to Chandra’s answer to #9 – Home. Not a traditional answer, but one that deserves as much consideration and reflection. Because really, I understand this.
Must tell my pop about the Daquiri Ice! He does have an ice cream shop, ya know. Is it alcoholic by chance? LOL And PLEASE tell us more about the hotel in Paris! 
Do stop by and give a bit of Nutty love to Chandra!

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