Lyrical Press News: Introducing category erotic romance

October 16th, 2013

Lyrical Press goes in a new direction

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Going forward, Lyrical will focus on erotic romance, with a tremendous push of category erotic romance. Sure, we know other houses are doing category, but we’re going where not many have ventured. Lyrical will dare to put a new spin on classic category romance. Rather than fear putting a toe past the invisible line and stop at steamy, we’re going straight to erotic romance. Since Lyrical has always been an equal opportunity publisher, we welcome LGBT writers to contribute to Fervor, a line specifically branded for LGBT category contemporary erotic romance. 

Lyrical loves breaking rules. With that in mind, we’re increasing the ‘traditional’ category word count to 50,000 – 80,000 words. This ensures every category book will have a simultaneous digital and print release.

In fact, every Lyrical book over 50,000 words will be have a simultaneous digital and print release beginning November 2013.

Each category line will be a fully branded and unique Lyrical Press imprint. 

Category erotic romance
Entice: Category contemporary erotic romance
Enigma: Category contemporary suspense erotic romance 
Fervor: LGBT category contemporary erotic romance

Will we still publish non-erotic romance? Absolutely. Non-erotic romance will be published under the umbrella of Lyrical Presents: Romance. This will tell readers, at a glance, these are non-erotic books. These books will carry an unobtrusive branding, that will not intrude on the beauty of Lyrical’s cover art. I know that might be a concern for some readers and authors, who come to Lyrical specifically for our cover art. 

Lyrical will also open our house to erotic romance serials. These are books 90,000 – 150,000 words. Serials will be released monthly in 25,000 word installments, attractively priced at $1.99 each. Each serial must be fully edited prior to being broken up into installments. With serials, we want your taboo stories. We want danger, excitement. Shock us. I dare you.

Renee Rocco
President and CEO, Lyrical Press, Inc.

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