My NaNoWriMo

November 1st, 2013

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

November is National Novel Writing Month, and for the first time ever I am going to attempt 50K words by the end of it. Not such a good start, as today is the first and I have yet to write a word, BUT I have all intentions to try my darndest to meet that goal.

My largest hurdle, other than two young boys that take up most of my time, is my editorial background. I need to leave that editor voice behind – or better, kick it to the curb completely, and just write. Let the words flow uninteruptus.

So, what I am writing? I already have the third book in the Love Where You Roam series started, so I could have finished that (even though the rules are you start a NEW novel). But instead, I decided to start clean slate and work on the first book in my rugby romance series.

Series is set in Traverse City, Michigan with visiting hotties from Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Australia who play for the Traverse City Blues rugby club. They all fall for a lovely lady along the shores of Lake Michigan. Very hot and dreamy.

Stories are written in ONLY the male POV (different for a romance novel, but I can pull it off – poo, no worries). Books are named for the hottie, whether their real name or nickname. This is what I have so far, but of course, may change if the lads yell loud enough. 🙂
Book 1: Paraic
Book 2: Jones
Book 3: Bro (hmmn…not sure about this)
Book 4: Chief (or Mattie perhaps)

Perhaps you can help with the series name as I still am undecided. Kicked around a few ideas.
Rugby Love
Playing the Field

What do you think? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear what you reckon!

The stories:Think gorgeous + muscles, tough + athletic Rugby sportsman who fall crazy for strong sweethearts in this series. There’s gonna be great craic and maybe a few tears. The Haka, teabaggin’ (ask a fella), some brawlin’, tough-as-nuts playing, and lots of steamy lovin’.

Rugby men are sexy! As proof, below. Can Carter plays for the New Zealand All Blacks.

Okay, the first day is almost over and I have to get to it!! Wish me luck!

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