Sundae With Nuts – Daisy Banks

November 10th, 2013

Welcome to another saucy episode of SUNDAE WITH NUTS where I have asked my fellow authors to join me for the day for a bit of fun and a laugh. We are romance writers after all!

Without further ado, I am most pleased to introduce the lovely and talented (and very brave!) Daisy Banks!

Sundae with the Nut Daisy Banks

1.Favorite knickers: cotton, lace, silk or errr…leather?
Most days lacy trimmed silky stuff but I’ve always believed the best days are no knickers days.
2.Who is your fantasy male or female? Or both?
Male, but I daren’t share his name with you. Some secrets must be kept.
3.What language, when heard spoken, makes you frisky? (like Jamie Lee Curtis in A Fish called Wanda)
I like some Scottish accents and Irish accents can keep me spellbound. I think it’s in the blood. I like Southern States accents too. When I visited New Orleans some years ago it was heavenly listening, just delicious.  I love voices, there are some so distinctive and compelling. I think one of the most precious things is the individuality of the voice of new baby. 
4.What vehicle, abode, beach, construction site or other locale did you lose your virginity.
In the comfort of a double bed and I’ll say no more.
5.Do you believe in love at first sight?
6.If you could play a board game during sex, what would it be?
Can’t I have Twister? Though technically it’s not a board game is it. Hmm, then I have to chose something long winded that might take hours, maybe chess.
7.Any special “toys” you’d like to give mention to for their outstanding achievements?
I gather we aren’t talking what was top of my children’s Christmas lists but really we should be as their toys and games kept them quietly amused and offered special times for me and DH. 
8.I *heart* Peter Cetera. What song immediately swoops you back to your “first days” of falling in love?
I think the song, ‘It’s got to be perfect’ by Fairground Attraction sums it up. I’d done second best and it hurt. This song was everywhere when I fell in love again. In case you don’t know it, here’s a link so you can play it. 
9.Most romantic or sexiest destination out there.
For me I have to say St. Lucia is my favorite romantic destination. The island is beautiful in so many ways. I was lucky while there and got to see far more than the ordinary tourist sites. DH is clever at organizing stuff like that. My fondest memory is of swimming in the pool filled with warm water from the geothermal heat of the volcano. 
The sexiest most compelling place has to be Glastonbury Tor. The place oozes magic. I walked it with DH and not long after we made a beautiful baby boy. No, not there on the top of the Tor, honest. 
10.Who was your first crush or kiss?
My first crush was on our local paper boy. Every day before school I’d wait to see him. He was 15, I was 12 and thought he was divine. 
11.If you become a best-selling author and sell your movie rights, what will be the first thing you do when you hear? Other than contact Cd Brennan and offer to share with her, of course.
Faint! LOL. I think I’d tell all those nearest and dearest. If serious money was involved I’d help my family and friends. If even more money and I am talking lots, was sloshing into my bank account I’d create an arts foundation to support young artists and writers, dancers and actors. I’d buy a big country house and have it set up and endowed as a holiday centre for children with disabilities and their families. I’d make sure my boys had enough to keep them safe but not enough for them to live unproductive lives.  If there was anything left, I’d buy an ice cream in Bridgnorth and book a holiday somewhere I’ve not been before. I’d like to visit Australia and New Zealand to meet some friends I have there. I have a longing to visit Maine in the USA and meet a very special person. Who knows, one day I might do these things.
12.I wanted to be a helicopter pilot and a cowgirl when I grew up (still do). What did you want to grow up to be when you were a little girl?
I grew up in one of the poorest boroughs in England. In the era of my childhood expectations from teachers and the community seemed to be small scale. I definitely know some people thought I was an oddity and I expect some of them still do.
When I was 5 I wanted to be a pirate. I was devastated when I was told I couldn’t be a pirate and that big three masted sailing ships had been replaced. Another thing I wanted to be was an archaeologist. Being told aged 11 it was unlikely I’d become an archaeologist, as I was at the wrong kind of school and no one had taught me Latin, was upsetting. I also had the idea I’d be a writer. Not many people thought I’d do that either. Somehow through the strangest quirks of fate I met a wonderful person who helped me in so many ways to write. I remain deeply grateful to that person who gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. 
And last but now least.
13.Favorite ice cream flavor.
Rum and raisin, in a chocolate dipped cone, bought from the shop at the top of the Carter’s Hill in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England.
* * * *
Such a pleasure to have another Lyrical sister from across the sea. I love my cousins of the British and Emerald isles, so much that I will buy a cottage there some day when I either A)become bestseller like Miss Nora or Mr Child or B) someone is brilliant enough to know that one of my books would make an awesome movie. I can dream big. Miss Daisy has inspired me. Why? Her answer to #12. There is nothing worse for a child to be told they can’t do something. And I hate (and I don’t use that word very often because I’m teaching my 5-year old he can’t say it) people that have Tall Poppy Syndrome.
If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where they don’t  like the idea of others getting bigger than their britches. They revear the underdog more than the norm, and belittle those who dare aspire to greatness because it makes them feel better about themselves. Okay, hopping off the soap box.
All I can say is that I am so very very glad that Miss Daisy found her way to becoming a writer, for a fabulous author she is. I’ve had the pleasure to read one of her stories. 
I must get to Glastonbury Tor, not because I want anymore kids (sweet divine no, the two I have is PLENTY), but the combination of magical and sexy has to be the place to go.
Oh and geez, I’m blathering on, but there is nothing that makes me more nostalgic (okay a few other things) than the thought of a paperboy. There aren’t any here anymore, but there were when I grew up in a small middleclass neighborhood that was the entity of my childhood and adolescence. Aw shucks. A good first crush.
* * * * 
I’m going on and on more these days, I need to shush up! 
If you love historical romance, then Miss Daisy Banks is the author to read! 
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