Sundae With Nuts – Year in Review

January 5th, 2014

Happy New Year!

It’s 2014 and the older I get, the faster the years go by. Woosh!
But today is all about my Nuts from 2013, the courageous and funny girls who bared their hearts for us to laugh at. LOL. I mean, who bared their hearts for you, the readers and followers, to know a bit more about what makes them the person they are, and how that muse travels into their writing and books. 
So! Let’s take a look at all the Nuts, and get some nominations going for the Besty Nut of 2013. Me excluded please. Because the winning NUT gets an ARC (ebook) of A World Apart and a $10 Amazon Gift Card. And of course the prestige of the award!!!

Who made you laugh hardest? Who had the most creative answer? Who had the most “interesting” answer? Who touched your heart? Place any new nomination into the comments field. Any others that agree, reply to that comment! You can even say why, what you remembered from the Nutty post. Or just state the name. Bold and beautiful. The Nut with the most comments–no matter what the nomination–wins! So they can win for being the silliest or sweetest or sauciest. We all know that each and every Nut is special, but someone needs to wear the crown!

**Their name is a hotlink to their Sundae With Nuts post. Or if you want anymore information about the lovelies, I’ve added their website for you to peruse at your convenience 🙂

SWN Hall of Fame 2013

Here they are (drum roll) in order of appearance:

1. Piper Denna
2. Lady Blade
3. M.Q. Barber
4. Liza O’Connor
5. Charlotte McClain
6. Ann B. Harrison
7. Cristal Ryder
8. Kylie Wolfe
9. Gemma Brocato
10. Rie Warren
11. Brynna Curry
12. Lynn Cahoon
13. Jennifer Lowery
14. Kyra Jacobs
15. Amy Lee Burgess
16. Sara Walter Ellwood
17. Jessi Gage
18. D.B. Seiders
19. Chandra Ryan
20. Joanne Wadsworth
21. Belle Maurice
22. M.V. Freeman
23. Mae Clair
24. Tera Shanley
25. Samantha Holt
26. Naomi Stone
27. Daisy Banks
28. Kristina Knight 
29. Calisa Rhose 

+Piper Denna +M.Q. Barber +Liza O’Connor +Charlotte McClain +Cristal Ryder +Kylie Wolfe +Gemma Brocato +Rie Warren +Brynna Curry +Lynn Cahoon +Jennifer Lowery Kamptner +Sara Walter Ellwood +Jessi Gage +D.B. Sieders +Joanne Wadsworth +Mae Clair +Tera Shanley +Samantha Holt +Naomi Stone +Daisy Banks +Kristina Knight +Calisa Rhose

**Nominations will go for one week. Winner will be announced on Monday, January 13th. 

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