Sneak Peek Sunday – IN TOUCH

August 17th, 2014

Yippee! I haven’t done a Sneak Peek Sunday in ages and very excited to reveal to readers my very first excerpt from IN TOUCH (current working title), my latest New Adult sport romance. This baby has evolved in so many ways. Not only the title and series, but POV and genre. I have shifted it to New Adult like my other series, which makes total sense and I’ve added the heroine’s POV. Originally, it was only the hero, Padraig’s, but when submitted to my editor and also to another agent, both agreed there was something missing. Before, Gillian wasn’t so real to me, but simply Padraig’s romantic interest, part of the story that propelled his conflict forward. Now, she is essential. I adore her now, quirky and wonderful, and has her own storyline. It’s a bit strange, though, as their stories were told almost a year apart, and I see such differences in their voices, in my writing style, where my head was last year compared to now.

Anyhoo, enough of that. Hope you enjoy! This excerpt is from the first chapter when Padraig and Gillian first brush feathers. (note, that this hasn’t been edited, and edited work is fab storytelling. I see all the POV filters now!)

* * * *
He swung around, his large duffle bag shoving the person off the pavement and into the grass. She side-stepped quickly. “Whoa, there,” she said.

“Pardon me.

Short shorts and long legs. That’s what he saw first. Then a black-on-white Depeche Mode T-shirt, snug against her chest. Weren’t they some crap English band from the 80s? He took a second perusal. Her wavy hair was tied loosely in a braid over her shoulder, old-style tortoise-rimmed glasses on her face. Jean shorts ragged and cuffed. Her legs were mighty fine, but they unglamorously ended in high-top black converse. Interesting.
There was no way she couldn’t have noticed his blatant appraisal, but she said, “No problem.” She smiled, all American straight white teeth. The one thing Padraig had always been envious of the Americans. No one did dentistry like the Yankees.
He made a show of looking her up and down again, but this time she was having none of it. She rolled her eyes and walked away.
Cocky and challenged, Padraig watched her bum sway. Wasn’t exactly his type, but perhaps he’d change his mind on women being a priority, might actually get something out of here, a place the locals called The Mitten.
One, two, three. Right on cue, she turned back as she swung open the door.

Padraig chuckled to himself as he made his way down to the street. He still had it. With the ladies, at least.

This is a sexy picture of an English rugby player, while Padraig is IRISH, taller and darker with bright blue eyes (so Irish and what an accent!) but I do love this pic. It’s my personal ambition to spread the word on the sexiness of rugby.

* * * *
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