Writing plans! (Get excited with me)

It’s been a busy year of editing so I haven’t had a chance to do as much writing as I’d like…BUT, the following are still in the works.

Lettie Portman series

John Ellsworth and I are planning a big collaboration starting now to start pushing out more Lettie Portman books, our troubled but feisty San Diego DA. I’m really excited about this series. We are going to rework Book 1: The People’s Lawyer this year yet and then jump right into Book 3: Lettie for the Defense since Book 2: Justice in Time has over 1700 reviews on Amazon!

BELONG series

This is a new sweet series that I’m totally excited about. It will be a series of 12 novellas released in “episodes.” The story is set in Seoul, South Korea, which I dreamed up after becoming addicted to K-dramas. So the series has been influenced and inspired from that genre.

Where do we belong? In this big life, where do we belong or who do we belong with? It’s difficult enough to find a sense of belonging for your everyman, let alone a person with a social disorder and of mixed race. Sam has always struggled to find a place or people where he feels where he belongs. He will find it in Yu-ri and his friends in Seoul.

*still messing around with the cover 🙂

Night Shift Crew series

Gemma Brocato and I are still working hard on completing this series. We only have two books left after we release Dutch Harbor Protector, Ephraim’s story, in the next week.

Book 6: Dutch Harbor Bear – Gideon’s story

Book 7: Dutch Harbor Mate – Frank’s story

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