Dutch Harbor Protector is out now!

Ephraim Johnson, the shiest and quietest of the Night Shift crew, is floored when his first love shows up on the decks of the Night Shifter. But the teenage girl he fell in love with is now a professional woman in a business suit and working for…Mr. Beaner? Yep, the slob that owns the crew’s trawler has hired Marty to do an analysis of the Night Shift, including the men that work it. Though they’ve known each other for years, Ephraim has still kept a secret from her. He’s a wolf shifter.

Martha Williams has taken a contract job in her home state of Alaska to get some experience on her resume. Dreams of high-rises, caramel macchiatos, and high heels in New York is fading fast while she stands next to a smelly, fat fart who has hired her as a business consultant. The only saving grace is that the crew she’ll be working with are all hunks. Including Ephraim Johnson, her childhood friend who has turned from skinny and scrawny to sexy and sinfully delicious. And still as sweet as he was years ago.

While the Night Shift is out on a run so Marty can “evaluate” their performance, they respond to a call for a dangerous emergency at sea. To save the unconscious man from the icy waters of the Bering Sea, the crew is forced to shift into their animals. It can’t be helped. But as soon as the crew returns to Dutch Harbor, they find out they’ve been outed. Everyone knows they are shifters. And who else could have told the media other than Marty? Or is there someone or something else going on that is working against the Night Shifter crew?

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