I’m now an Amazon Vella author

VELLA is a new reading platform described by Amazon as:

a new mobile-first, interactive reading experience for serialized stories

It’s like how they used to publish books back in the day. Books like Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities to James Joyce’s Ulysses. Authors would release chapters of the book at the time, and with Vella it’s similar, but they are called “episodes.” They are anywhere from 600-2000 words that you can read on your coffee break or while commuting, five minutes you might have before the kids get home from school or after they are asleep at night. The first few episodes are FREE and after that it’s mere pennies to read an episode.

Right now, you can start reading two of my books on Vella! Once all the episodes are released, then the books will be compiled and published through Amazon in full-length ebook and print. But! That won’t be for a while so you might as well enjoy now! This is a great platform for a writer like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to commit to writing because of work, kids, dogs, farm. It keeps me writing almost daily, though, maybe just 1000-2000 words but it keeps my stories going and my craft alive. I release a new episode every week for both books.

I’m excited!! I hope you join me.


Episodes 1-4 available now!

In this beautiful yet cruel life…where do I belong or who do I belong with? It’s difficult enough for anyone to find a sense of inclusion, let alone me, a person with special needs and of mixed race. I have struggled my whole life to be accepted for who I am and what I believe. I’m an AI specialist. I’m a rock climber. A piano player. A son…a brother. An Aspie. I want to live and love like everyone else, but I can’t. Yet, I still want to belong.


Episode 1 available now!

His men went to battle without armor and acted like mad dogs or wolves. They bit into their shields and were as strong as bears or bulls. They killed men, but neither fire nor iron harmed them. This madness is called berserker-fury. Book 1 of the ShapeStrong series: Protector is the love story of Amund, a bear shifter, and Dagna, a willful young woman that won’t be married off to just anyone, especially a man plotting against the king that Amund has vowed to protect.

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